janagut a.k.a. jana oberdoerffer

Creative Writer  |   Casting Director   |   Production Service









since 1998 jana passionately works as a freelance

production manager/coordinator & casting director

 for international film productions, directors, artists and agencies


her broad network and long time experience makes her a

productive, solution oriented, creative thinking, reliable and fun partner.




audiovisual communication

at university of arts berlin from 2005-2009

focused on

creative writing & american quality TV






since 2010jana creates & writes outstanding TV scripts

and is meeting with and pitching to

renown cables & networks in Europe and the US




by jana

short film 'Smilin'Structor'  –  nomination BEST IDEA  –  placed 3rd

2012 99fire films awards  

short film 'Shares To Share'  –  in competition SHORT FILM MADE BY WOMEN 

2013 salento international film festival




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